Virtual assistant for GDPR compliance


In today's digital world, the significance of data protection is steadily on the rise, and it is paramount for SMEs to give it the priority it deserves.

We are the ARC2 Consortium, consisting of Croatian and Italian data protection authorities, the Faculty of Organization and Informatics – University of Zagreb, Vrije University Brussels, and the University of Florence.

Our mission is to empower Croatian and Italian SMEs to achieve compliance with data protection regulations. That's why we've introduced Olivia – a tool designed to make GDPR compliance easier than ever before!


Created in partnership, OLIVIA is enabling innovative approach to GDPR compliance.


OLIVIA is easy-to-use open tool freely accessible for all interested users.


OLIVIA streamlines access to knowledge framework, rules and procedures.


OLIVIA’s practical side helps SMEs in full GDPR implementation.

GDPR topics – Learn and Apply

Olivia is a virtual teacher and assistant at the same time. Olivia contains a small online academy that offers you a series of learning modules to improve your knowledge in the field of personal data protection, and also serves as a practical tool to help you create internal documents to prove your compliance and reliability.

GDPR Topics